Track and Race Prep

We are experts at transforming Lotus road cars, in any condition, into track or race cars.


Track prep

If you want to improve the track performance of your Lotus but still be able to enjoy it on the street, we recommend:

  • Basic track safety: five-point safety harness, tow hooks & fire extinguisher
  • Racing brake pads
  • Lightweight wheels and R-compound or slick tires
  • Suspension tuning
  • Alignments optimized for track performance
  • Shifter linkage upgrade
  • Suspension upgrades (one-way or double-adjustable Öhlins or Nitrons)
  • Brake upgrades (Brembo & more)


Race prep

If you want a pure race car, we have the expertise to take your car further:

  • Race seats & removable steering wheel
  • Roll cage installation
  • Fire suppression system
  • Removal of all non-essential equipment to reduce weight
    • Heating & A/C system
    • Side windows (replace with window nets)
    • Lexan windshield & rear window
    • Racing clamshells without lights
    • Carbon fiber roof
    • Racing battery
  • Fuel cell
  • Data acquisition systems


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