Another double win in production class, two podiums in Cup class

Kevin Woods brought home another double win at Buttonwillow in October, and now has a commanding lead in production class with ten wins out of twelve races.

Saturday’s race began with some excitement, as the lead cars braked more aggressively for the first corner than the rest of the pack was expecting, but all drivers avoided contact. Kevin Woods went on to win the production class by more than 8 seconds, with the fastest lap time in his class. Jeff Raggio placed third in Cup class, in only his second weekend of LotusCup racing.

In Sunday’s race, Kevin got a great start, passing the lead Cup car before the second corner. He eventually got passed back, but still won production class, over 20 seconds ahead of the rest of the field. Jeff Ragio grabbed a podium in Cup class, again placing third.

Congratulations to SP Motorsports drivers for bringing home four trophies in two days.