2006 Lotus Elise Race Car – For Sale at $32,000

This 2006 Elise race car has a long history in Lotus Cup and would also make an excellent track day toy.

First raced by Brent Bowman as “Saffron” in 2012-13 Lotus Cup, it was later raced by Gary Bone as “Snow White” in 2014-15. SP Motorsports bought the car in late 2016, and rebuilt the car inside and out to improve performance, reliability and appearance. It is now available for both Lotus Cup racing and track days in 2018.

Engine & Drivetrain Upgrades

  • Lotus Cup air filter
  • Lotus Suport T4 ECU
  • BOE oil pan
  • BBR aluminum radiator and reworked engine coolant plumbing, TRD thermostat
  • BBR/Harom racing fuel cell and fuel system, Aeroquip Starlite fuel lines and AN fittings
  • Setrab oil cooler moved to right side, behind vent
  • Monkeywrench racing underdrive pulleys
  • Alitech shifter with new shift cables
  • IMRP race engine mounts
  • Limited-slip differential
  • Girodisc brakes, front & rear, with CL brake pads
  • ARP wheel studs
  • Yokohama Advan 005 hard slick tires

Suspension Upgrades

  • Ohlins three-way adjustable shocks
  • Lotus Sport adjustable sway bar
  • BBR modified front suspension castor shims and uprights machined for camber
  • BBR/IMRP rear toe link reinforcement
  • IMRP monoball spherical wishbone pivots
  • Sector 111 toe link
  • BBP/IMRP rear diffuser

Weight Reduction

  • Meets LotusCup minimum weight of 1950 lbs. with driver up to 200 lbs.
  • Exterior, engine bay, cockpit and front compartment have been gutted of all equipment that is not essential and can be legally removed.
  • Lexan windshield and rear window, side window nets
  • Light exhaust system (< 90dB, passes sound at Laguna Seca)
  • Sector 111 racing front clamshell with AeroCatch system, oil vent holes filled in
  • Carbon fiber roof
  • Odyssey 980 battery, relocated to front heater box area

Driver and Safety Equipment

  • R3 full FIA roll cage
  • Sparco steering wheel and removable hub
  • Reverie carbon race seats, covered in suede
  • Schroth six-point harness and Lotus Sport anchor plates
  • Lifeline 2.25I mech fire suppression system
  • Steering lock and key cylinder removed
  • PCI Intercom Comp X, for driver-passenger communication, wired to radio and camera
  • AIM data system: Mychron 4, MXL dash, Smartycam GP, oil pressure and temp sensors, TPS stringpot. BBR XML mount. Intercom/radio audio wired into camera.
  • Transponder hard-wired
  • CoolShirt system

Recent Work Done in 2017

  • Complete engine rebuild
  • Gearbox rebuilt
  • Installed new clutch & flywheel
  • New full vinyl wrap in red, blue and chrome

Results in LotusCup Racing

  • 2016: Retired by previous owner, then rebuilt by SP Motorsports for use as rental car
  • 2015: Four second place finishes out of four races entered in Lotus Cup USA production class
  • 2014: Third place in Lotus Cup production class championship
  • 2013: Won LotusCup production class championship


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